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Now you can leave your house without worrying about unlocked doors, Kwikset Smart Locks let you control your front door on Vivint Smart Home Mobile from the gym, the park, or the office. Plus, you can set mobile alerts for when you forget to lock up. That way hectic mornings don't become enitre days fretting you left the door unlocked. Vivint Smart Home is the leader in Smart Home Automation with numerous products to choose from, making your house a smart house has never been easier. Not only does Vivint provide Smart Home products they also provide you with state of the art Security and Surveillance systems. Travel with peace, Vivint has 24/7 Smart Home Monitoring specialists who are always there to respond to emergencies. 10 Best Home Security System Reviews … Can theWe know your community as it is also our community.

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Based on Schissel’s conservative, back of the envelope calculations, a team of four rotating security agents would cost about $18,000 per week.

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