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: LW491 with ithis recorder and Security surveillance cameras weatherproof with 75ft night vision CVC7572PK4Brecorder came in on tuesday and cameras should be here on wednesday. the recorder was said to be an open box but did look great no marks seem to have all parts. It was no real problem setting the recorder did get my PC and Dell tablet and my Samsung phone to connect just had to follow the institutions using the Lorex DDNS connection and also my internet is by satellite so it made the connection will have to wait to see video coming. will have to update later will mostly start the replacement in a week or two. Pulse Compressive Wave Detection Technology is the basis for the creation of a home security monitoring device that can detect a Pulse Compressive wave. This sensor has now been made available in a small portable unit that allows the device to detect the wave that is created when a door or window is opened or disturbed in a home. Properly trained, they can be great with people, children included.

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